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Crowdmix is one of the most talked about new start-ups in the music Industry. Having met the then smaller Crowdmix team at SXSW in March, we’ve witnessed first hand the astonishing growth from their base of 6 staff working out of Google Campus to now over 160 people across the globe in little over a year.

Our experience building and marketing entertainment based platforms, apps and content has been drawn upon by Crowdmix for the last three months, where we have been working across aligning the brand vision, product communication and strategic talent and influencers partnerships to build into a marketing and content strategy for Beta launch in early 2016.


About Crowdmix 

Crowdmix is a disruptive new social platform that aim to connect the world through music, allows consumers to discover and listen to music, socialise with the crowds they join, and to interact in unique ways with their favourite artists – who finally get paid for their social content.

The Crowdmix app promises to ‘enable users to develop and enjoy rich, social media experiences by joining crowds, or communities, of like-minded people, using music as the link’.

They have been build a world-class team of people including Rob Wells Universal Music Group’s recently-departed digital guru and experienced music industry players like Dick Wingate.

If you are interested in investing, finding out more about Crowdmix or a brand / agency looking to use music to connect to audiences in 2016, feel free to contact for the low down.

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